Silicon Eurocluster: EU initiative to strengthen the European electronics industry and promote digital sovereignty

Silicon Eurocluster, an EU-funded initiative, aims to enhance European self-sufficiency and competitiveness in the electronics value chain, particularly for small and medium-sized companies.

Focused on strengthening EU market interlinkages, achieving strategic autonomy, promoting a greener and digital economy, attracting talent, and reconnecting to global supply chains, the project coordinates efforts across key European clusters to establish leadership in Micro- and Nanoelectronics.

6G Health Institute and Last Mile Semiconductor collaborate in Silicon Eurocluster, developing a medical device integration solution using DECT NR+ radio standard.

Introduced by ETSI in 2021, DECT NR+ is the first noncellular, license-exempt 5G standard, setting benchmarks for cost-effectiveness, scalability, flexibility, low latency, reliability, and digital sovereignty, free from non-European influences., fostering digital sovereignty.

Christoph Gulich
Christoph Thümmler