PAROMA-MED is a project of Eurescom, a leading European provider of management and support services in the high-tech sector with a focus on information and communication technologies.

Eurescom’s mission is to enable innovation through collaboration. Eurescom’s services include launching, managing, and supporting international research and development programs and projects, and providing the administrative infrastructure for technology initiatives.

Project Objectives:

  • Development of a federation marketplace supported by a platform service. This is responsible for the automatic attestation of federation partners and their inclusion in the service and data provider catalog.
  • Develop a user-friendly platform service and policy framework. This helps developers define high-level applications and privacy and security requirements, including the right to be forgotten.
  • Development of a federated identity management solution and an access management solution based on zero-trust principles.
  • Develop flexible access while looking for a network solution as well as secure privacy.
  • Develop software-defined trusted execution environments that leverage hardware isolation and security features.
  • Implement cloud-native open source solutions to support efficiency and scalability.
  • Develop a comprehensive use case with real-world healthcare users, via validation and evaluation of the framework, which act using the framework.